Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bigg Boss Season 7 Synopsis Day 17 : Shilpa loosed Cool

The day starts with AN announcement from Bigg Boss concerning the second leg of the task which he has found another treatment for the infected patients of hell and for constant Bigg Boss calls in Asif and Armaan.

Placed within the science lab was a barber’s chair, beside a mannequin head having mohawk hairstyle. Bigg Boss then asked the doctors to relinquish 2 names UN agency are going to be a part of this treatment and when thinking through, they determined to decision Apurva and Sangram.

After the patients were known as within the science lab, the doctors explained the treatment to them, whereby Apurva and Sangram had to urge Mohawk vogue hair-cut and if they refused the hell-side can lose a degree. at the same time, outside the laboratory the inmates were observation the on-goings through the TV and Shilpa was perpetually shouting at Apurva to refuse from doing the task.

Both, Apurva and Sangram thought that they'll be fooled like Andy was and in agreement to require the treatment. Apurva determined to travel initial. once Asif and Armaan truly began to trim his hair, Shilpa lost her cool and have become violent. She was throwing and breaking stuff within the house, and stony-broke right down to tears within the john.

After Apurva, it absolutely was Sangram’s flip. Armaan, to mislead Sangram from obtaining the treatmet, picked a fight with Sangra. He started insulting and throwing abuses at Sangram. Sangram, UN agency perpetually thought high of Armaan and treated him sort of a friend, was stunned by seeing Armaan’s angle.

Armaan was nearly thriving in obtaining his mind modified, had Apoorva not caught the lie and explained to Sangram that he's making an attempt to divert his mind. when realising that the cat was out of the bag, Armaan was apologising to Sangram and was language that he was simply having fun and didn’t mean no matter he same.

When they came out of the science lab, everybody was appreciating their sportiness and complimenting them for his or her New Look. Shlipa was seen crying unrelentingly when seeing his hair, however when some brave words from Apoorva, Shilpa tried to manage herself and even same that he appearance cool with the New Look. 

Later within the evening Bigg Boss proclaimed the top of task and congratulating each the hell-mates, for showing bravery and heaven-mates, for accurately identification the symptoms and treating the patients. 

Amidst all this, Elli was seen crying within the toilet and switch was comforting her as Elli was missing her father since his birthday was developing and this may be initial time that she won’t be with him for his birthday. To cheer her up, Sangram and Apurva were singing songs and even asked Bigg Boss if they may get a cake to celebrate his birthday.
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  1. i think gauhar khan will be winner of bigg boss 7

  2. Bb7 kushal n praytusha I m seen 1st time and who r ?????
    Both of them
    I m not showing bb7 bcz them

  3. There so much violence in the Bigg Boss House and this year it is because of Tanisha, Arman and Andy. See my post for details


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