Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bigg Boss Seson -7 Day 16 Synopsis

The day of the task is here once more and now it’s creepier, crawlier and most undoubtedly yuckier. Bigg Boss declared the task- scientists and guinea pigs. As a district of this week’s luxury budget task Bigg Boss free smoke within the house and asked everybody to vacate the house. Bigg Boss then declared that the hell-mates were infected by a deadly virus which they have to be treated which solely the heaven-mates, World Health Organization area unit the doctors/scientists, can treat them. 

To add to the woes of the hell-mates they'd to be solely on diet as a part of the treatment and therefore the doctors weren't allowed to the touch the infected guinea pigs (hell-mates) alternatively they're going to get infected. 
As a part of the primary treatment, Bigg Boss referred to as doctors Gauahar and Tanisha within the workplace and asked them to administer two names World Health Organization can take the treatment of obtaining their hair colored. once discussing, Tanisha and Gauahar gave Andy and Kamya’s name. Andy and Kamya were referred to as within the workplace and Bigg Boss same that if they refused to try and do the task, {they can|they're going to|they'll} lose some extent and therefore the heaven-mates will earn it. however Kamya and Andy sportingly in agreement to induce the treatment, that helped them gain some extent. 

Meanwhile, Pratyusha and Kushal were seen tilt with one another. Pratyusha was seen reproval Kushal for talking discourteously to her once she asked for food and same that he doesn’t have any respect for girls. Kushal more responded speech that he was talking ordinarily which Pratyusha shouldn’t take it seriously. 

Pratyusha upset with Kushal

Bigg Boss then declared that he has found the second treatment and referred to as doctor’s Shilpa and Anita within the workplace and there they saw a bath full of cow-dung. Bigg Boss asked them to administer one name World Health Organization can sit within the tub for Associate in Nursing hour. Painfully, they took Elli’s name, World Health Organization once seeing the bathtub and smelling the cow-dung refused to try and do it, that attained the heaven-mates some extent.

Elli refuses to try and do the task

Bigg Boss then asked if anyone else from hell needs to try and do the task and once abundant deliberation, switch in agreement to try and do it and this attained them some extent. 

As a part of the third treatment, doctors Armaan and Tanisha were referred to as within the workplace. after they entered they saw 3 boxes that were unbroken, tagged as rats, snakes and spiders. however within boxes were pineapples, a pretend snake and rest room brush. They were asked to administer a reputation World Health Organization are certain in an exceedingly chair and blind and can tend the impression that the particular animals area unit travel on them. initial they took Pratyusha’s name however once hearing the task, she refused to try and do it. Later they urged Andy’s name. Andy pronto in agreement to try and do it, that attained them another purpose. 

To know what’s next, keep looking Bigg Boss – Season Saath seven everyday at nine pm solely on colours.
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