Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bigg Boss Season 7 Synopsis Day 19 : New Captain

Day nineteen within the Bigg Boss house started with Associate in Nursing argument between Sangram and Andy. Apurva, Ratan, Andy and Sangram were seen chatting once Sangram started creating fun of Andy and he felt that he was crossing his limits and warned Sangram that if he continues, the consequence won't be smart. He was later seen complaintive to Shilpa that he didn’t expect this from Sangram as he considers him as a devotee. 

Later throughout the day to chill themselves, the heaven mates area unit seen taking a dip within the pool. Armaan, Tanisha and Anita area unit seen talking regarding Kushal and Gauahar and also the bond that they share. Bigg Boss then makes the announcement for Bigg Boss spot informing them that he can keep the confession area opens for ten minutes and people interested will are available and provides their names. Kamya, Sangram and Andy offer their names for spot. Bigg Boss conjointly told them that they'll campaign and Andy was seen political campaign. Bigg Boss then holds open elections and Kamya gets the most votes and is electoral because the captain for in the week. 

Gauahar and Andy area unit seen conversing and Andy is detected telling Gauahar that folks in Bigg Boss house area unit double-faced and the way they don’t follow own words. Gauahar asks him to quiet down and tells him to ignore such things whereas he's here. at the same time, Asif is seen toying with Gauahar whereas Kushal is seen fuming with jealousy.

In the evening Bigg Boss offers the inmates a task, whereby scooters area unit unbroken within the garden areas of jannat and jahannum and every one the inmates except Kamya from the heaven facet and Gauahar from the hell facet can got to balance themselves on the bike. Kamya and Gauahar can monitor the activity and ensure nobody has their foot touching the bottom. The team that manages to stay on the scooter for a extended time are the winner. once when an extended time the groups didn't bit the bottom, Bigg Boss proclaimed that Kamya and Gauahar can got to stand on the bike and whoever manages to mount up the bike quick can win. Gauahar managed to mount up the bike initial and also the jahannumwasis area unit declared because the winner. 

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