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Asif Plan for Captain Bigg Boss Saath-7 Day 12

The new entrant within the Bigg Boss house Asif Azim appears to possess superimposed a lot of enthusiasm to the show on his terribly initial day. within the morning, once Kushal and Gauahar ar chatting within the morning, Asif starts bill chatting with them and tries to mingle with the hell-mates similarly. 

Day twelve outline
Asif, Kushal and Gauahar warranted pretty quick and commenced hanging out along. Kamya and Pratyusha ar seen talking concerning this triad and anticipating them to be ensuing players. Sangram appears to possess found peace on the hell aspect and is seen teaching yoga to the Jahannum wasis. 

Later within the day, Bigg Boss calls Asif within the confession space and asks him to nominate 2 Jannat wasis World Health Organization ar capable of absorbing the role of the captain. supported his interaction with the housemates, Asif announces the names of Tanisha and Armaan.
Day twelve outline

Unlike last week, Bigg Boss permits the Hell-mates to decide on a captain through a ballet system. Tanisha gets the most votes and becomes the captain for the second consecutive time. Armaan appears to be sad with this call and believes that everyone ought to get a good probability to become a captain.

In the afternoon, the housemates get along to debate the luxurious budget. Bigg Boss later announces that solely hell mates ar allowed to decide on their desires. Also, they need a right to demand for the items that they need chosen within the luxury budget at any given time. within the evening, Bigg Boss asks the heaven-mates to form a want at the desire wall. 

Kamya was known as within the confession space by Bigg Boss to share her feelings concerning the show down she had with Gauahar. Kamya explains that Gauahar has contend politics and this is often what has been bothering her. She later bursts into tears memory her female offspring. Bigg Boss assures her that her female offspring is okay and doing nice. 

The day involves finish with Bigg Boss asking Shilpa to induce all the housemates along and acquire them to perform a task to introduce Asif to the opposite housemates. per the task, each member within the house needs to tag alternative housemates supported their characteristics written on a card. Later, the {person World Health Organization|one that|one who} has been labeled has to guess the name of the housemate who gave him/her that tag. Tanisha is leading this session and guaranteeing that everyone gets a good probability.

During this session, Kamya lashes out of Gauahar and tags her as ‘Jhoothi’. She connects this back to their argument concerning the swap and blames her over and all over again to possess song to them concerning nominations. 
Day twelve outline

Looks like the Captain choice and therefore the tabaadla ar already making arguments within the Bigg Boss house.
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