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5 Favorites Contestant from Bigg Boss Season 7

As expected, by Day 3, the Bigg Boss show has was a desi version of Lord Of The Flies, within the method turning into each amateur anthropologist's dreaming. inside the span of forty eight hours friendships have fragmented, loyalties split and also the show is currently a house divided. On the intense facet contestants World Health Organization were once simply indistinguishable blobs moving across the screen ar currently showing signs of getting real personalities. Here ar 5 of my favourites in no specific order:

Gauahar Khan

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Yes, she's desperate and dramatic and looks to exist for the only purpose of showing on camera, however as a hardened reality show veteran she is realistic and is giving the producers their moneys price i.e. recreation. recreation. recreation. It's no surprise then why the remainder of the housemates currently cannot stand the sight of this unblushing screen hogger.

Tanisha Mukherjee

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aka Empress. She suffers beneath the delusion that she is being paid an enormous quantity of cash merely to grace the show along with her presence. For the previous couple of days Miss Mukherjee has been swanning round the set in her pendant earrings and cocktail rings, swathed in what appearance suspiciously sort of a Pashmina scarf. On Tuesday she sighed and proclaimed, "I would like a foot massage." however beneath that spoiled South Bombay facade lies the mind of a cagey survivor. Already she has fastened on like glue to the facet of the new team leader, see below, very similar to a cyprinid fish imagines it'll survive the massive unhealthy ocean if it swims within the shadow of the whale.

Shilpa Agnihotri

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Till yesterday, she was the unnamed peroxide-blonde married person of TV actor Apoorva Agnihotri. By the time episode three ventilated she had emerged because the uncrowned "leader" of Mean women Incorporated. Her loyal sidekicks ar Miss Mukherjee and also the internal secretion. She conjointly not speaks to her husband, World Health Organization is additionally a contestant. 

Anitaji aka The internal secretion

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When she's not a blubbering mess she spends most of her time soaked in sepia-tinted recollections of your time spent living with yore whiz Rajesh Khanna. On Tuesday she knowledgeable the planet that the 70's hero preferred intake "kadak boondi" and curd which he was a "one of a form." cagey publishers ought to line up with their chequebooks at the able to sign her up for a sticky memoir the day she is voted out, that ought to be any week currently.


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Often mean-spirited he withal displays a formidable intelligence and is nice fun. If Gauhar has any sense she ought to approach him for lessons on the way to hog screen house while not antagonistic any of your peers, associate art he has formed. My money's on him to win season seven.

Special mention

The single white females Eli Avram associated Hazel Keech World Health Organization seem like lost and frightened youngsters fast up by mistake in an institution. once all goes well they babble at the Indians in their broken Hindi however at the primary sign of hassle they scuttle away sort of a try of frightened beetles.
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