Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fight for food in Bigg Boss Season 7 - Day 3

The third day within the Bigg Boss house starts with problems between hell and heaven wherever food appears to be the most important concern amongst the housemates. Taking into thought the constraints of food, we are going to see anxiety between the Jannat and Jahannum- wasis to optimally use it. Armaan picks up a fight with the Jannat wasis that they aren’t providing them with correct food and don't seem to be co-operating with them. 

Later within the day, Bigg Boss declared the wheel task was successful however at identical time superimposed another twist thereto. in line with the task, the hell mates ought to churn the wheels notwithstanding the heaven-mates area unit sitting or taking rest. Taking the efforts of Jahannum wasis into thought, heaven-mates arrange to stand till the task is over. 

Further within the day, the hell-mates are going to be seen breaking the essential rule of the Bigg Boss house i.e. of enjoying sleep within the latter 1/2 the day. Even the dog alarm didn’t work on them. thanks to this, they were told that their luxury budget can get affected. 

After all the strain and tension Janus-faced by the housemates throughout the day, we are going to see, Andy and Sangram enjoying some kittenish moments. additionally on the opposite facet, hell-mates are going to be seen creating fun of Elli’s broken Hindi and enjoying some lighter moments.

In the evening, Anita is seen obtaining chatty with Andy and gap her heart out concerning her relationship with late Rajesh Khanna. She shares some nice moments that she shared with him and the way a lot of she misses his presence. 

The fight over food continues through the evening and ends up in a outburst between Gauahar and Armaan. The housemates on each the edges attempt to management their emotions however beat vain. 
Looks like the important war has simply begun between the Jannat and Jahannum-wasis. Armaan declares that he can boycott food if the perspective of heaven-mates remains identical.

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