Sunday, September 15, 2013

Salman Khan Will Charge Rs 5 Crore Per Episode for Bigg Boss season 7

The actor is claimed to own doubled the money he was charging for the previous season for the colours show however Salman desires to stay the media estimate concerning his pay cheque.

Salman Khan says he's charging quite the according 5 large integer total per episode for hosting celebrity reality show Bigg Boss season seven.

The actor is claimed to own doubled the money he was charging for the previous season for the colours show however Salman desires to stay the media estimate concerning his pay cheque.

When asked whether or not he was obtaining 5 large integer per episode, Salman joked, "'Kam hai... figure kam hai, jyaada charge kar raha hoon' (The figure is a smaller amount, i'm charging more)." Salman, 47, World Health Organization returns because the host for the fourth time on the show, can play a double role of associate angel and devil to the contestants holed up in 'Bigg Boss' house for 3 months.

The actor aforementioned it'll not be a troublesome imply him as a result of he has tiny doses of each within him.

"There is nothing distinctive within the show. it's simply that we've got this new thought of hell and heaven. I play a double role in it and can bring out the distinction through my visual communication solely. 'Ab baar baar costume modification karna to mushkil hai na' (It would be tough to alter costume when.)," Salman told PTI in associate interview.

"We all have 2 aspects each devilish and angelic however it depends whole on North American country however smart we will be in conveyance the goodness in North American country and suppressing the unhealthy side. It's aiming to be fun and amusing on behalf of me," Salman aforementioned.

Last season saw Salman making an attempt his best to create contestants like Moslem Siddiqui and Rajeev Paul behave properly. Salman aforementioned he would attempt his best to stay a rein on contestants' behavious now too.

"Though it is not my job to manage them (contestants) on the show, I bonk so the blame shouldn't return on Pine Tree State. If i do not stop them from behaving badly then folks can suppose that I promote such behaviour. In traditional life it's not a giant deal however behaving badly on a major time show isn't permissible in the slightest degree as a result of families watch it," he said.

Salman believes the show has helped several celebrities to urge a brand new lease of career.

"Many actors have gotten a picture makeover when their participation on the show. There square measure several in our business, World Health Organization square measure stuck while not their fault. the largest example is Rahul Bhatt. once he entered the show, folks thought he can provide solid recreation to the show. however he processed his half on the day 2 of his arrival," Salman aforementioned.

The actor feels the contestants World Health Organization produce nuisance aren't accepted well after they initiate of the show.

"'Bigg Boss' may be a family amusing show. The show has nothing to try and do with city|village|settlement|community} or massive town. Everything is thus exaggerated on tv and print that a lot of contestants feel they'll get a career high.

"They suppose by doing that they'll get noticed however folks are going to be cautious of them. after they can initiate they'll not get several offers. no one desires to figure with associate erratic person.
It's important for them to manage themselves," he said.

Bigg Boss can begin airing from Sep 15.
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