Monday, September 16, 2013

Bigg Boss Season 7 house - The land of good and evil

Comprising of a colossal area of 10500 sq feet, the Bigg Boss seven Saath house are associate degree uniting of the goodness of heaven and wickedness of hell below an equivalent roof. 

Depicting the luxuries of heaven and animosities of hell, the house has been divided into 2 halves. The heaven-like area wherever the contestants will expect serenity are colourful with a floral bit crammed with temptations, whereas the area appointed to hell are a dungeon-style with garage like set-up with rough floors and walls wherever contestants will expertise the fury of hell. 

How heaven are like

The Sky is that the limit- The heaven facet of the house won't solely have a pool and a beach like feel however additionally some that may have a dome like ceiling designed to seem sort of a skyline crammed with clouds. 

To touch and to feel
The house can feature pretend bookshelves, bars and a phone {that can|which will|that may} trigger temptations within the inmates and place their will power and strength place to check.

Tick tock tick
For the primary time within the history of Bigg Boss, the house can have a put down the front room however there's a lot of to that. solely time can tell. 

Walls with words of wisdom
The walls of the house aren't solely colourful however even have words like ‘crazy’ written on that with a lot of aptitude. It additionally incorporates a quote written on a wall that may be the highlight of the living space. 

How hell are like…
Bedding or not- The hell facet of the house have beds organized the ground however not a lot of of comfort to any of the contestants. 

Kitchen goes missing
Food goes to be an enormous concern for the contestants because the hell won't have facility of a room. additionally there's no demarcation between the room and living space and can provide the house a dormitory quite a glance. 

Loo… what the hell! – The loos within the hell 0.5 can bring a riotous amendment within the lives of the contestants. The lavatory has solely Indian vogue sitting and therefore the water is to be crammed manually and used for all daily chores from a faucet planted outside. 

To see or to not see- the most important twist that awaits the inmates of the Bigg Boss home is that they see all that’s happening within the heaven facet of the globe that may add on to their hardships.

Look, who’s looking
As if the Bigg Boss himself wasn’t enough, this point around he has the help of a ‘Warden’ WHO can take the charge of keeping a detailed eye on the inmates. it's the sole new part that's common for each the homes. 

Bollywood’s ace designer Omung Kumar WHO has with success brought alive the essence of heaven and hell within the Bigg Boss house states, “The theme of the show is predicated on heaven and hell and therefore the challenge given to Maine was to form 2 extreme conditions below an equivalent roof. Following the transient, we have a tendency to created 2 totally different homes illustrating Jannat and Jahannum. we've got compete around with colours, patterns and have introduced offbeat parts to justify heaven and hell.” 

With new additions and a rare theme, Bigg Boss season seven this season guarantees to showcase amusement like ne'er before!
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