Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bigg Boss Season 7 launched With Salman Khan

Bollywood actor Salman Khan are seen hosting Bigg Boss Season - Saath seven once more this year. The season guarantees to vary and can show the angelic and also the wicked aspect of the contestants of the show.

Talking concerning the angelic and also the wicked qualities within the maven himself, he aforementioned that he had alittle little bit of each.

"I have each qualities in tiny parts. The devlish aspect to ME is naughty however not harmful. and also the angelic aspect is clearly smart. however each ar in tiny quantities," the actor aforementioned throughout the launch of the show here Wednesday.

The actor are seen hosting the show for the fourth time during a row. The house can have a complete of fourteen contestants this point.

In lightweight of the recent speculations relating to the format of the show, Raj Naik, CEO, colours says that the complete fun of the show is because of these speculations.

"The smartest thing concerning this show is that the quantity of message that the media generate for it. folks are speculating every kind of things. we do not need to discuss it. the wonder of the show is within the surprise components," he said.

And as way as Salman's involvement within the show thinks about, Naik will admit that thereto grabs additional eyeballs.

"Salman comes on the show double every week. he's a complete. He has evolved with the show and also the show has evolved with him. He has taken possession of the show. Having aforementioned that, this can be a reality show and other people establish with what's happening within the house still," he said.

To this the maven aforementioned that his episode additionally depends on however the contestants are the whole week, adding: "If they (the contestants) ar fascinating, i will be able to even be fascinating on Fri."

Home to fourteen celebrity contestants for 104 days, the Bigg Boss house are primarily based in Lonavala.

Based on the theme of hell and heaven, Bigg Boss - Saath seven can kickstart Sep 15 on colours.
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