Friday, September 20, 2013

Bigg Boss Season 7: Previous 6 Seasons Contestants React

Splashed across the papers, websites and television screens is that one show that keeps the audiences hooked each single season it comes back. The house of Bigg Boss gets habit-forming whenever it opens its doors. It comes back with a special thought, additional diverting inmates and harder tasks each season. And now isn't any totally different. All the contestants ar additional moot than the opposite, have vibrant personalities and ar already being talked about! say a spat between Armaan and Gauhar, or Anita Advani's recollections of Rajesh Khanna- each inmate has their own story to inform. 

But what do the past inmates deem this season? Vindhu Dara Singh, the winner of Bigg Boss Season three, thinks this can be the toughest season of all. "A heap of my friends ar inmates within the Bigg Boss house this year. From what I see, it is a terribly robust season and that we will sense that already, within the 1st we have a tendency toek! I recollect it started obtaining robust for US as we slid however the primary week in itself is therefore crazy this time! World Health Organization can win are terribly troublesome to predict", says Vindhu. however one amongst the foremost moot inmates of the house within the past was Dolly Bindra, World Health Organization thinks slightly otherwise. "I do not suppose the contestants now ar active enough. we have a tendency to all had to try to to the tasks and that they were all robust. Tasks ought to be done and you ne'er apprehend what's on the mind of Bigg Boss. i'm terribly stunned to check that folks ar tired already!" 

Fighting these robust times ar robust folks. Armaan is battling for additional food, already donning the tag of the "angry man" within the house. whereas Apoorva and Shilpa don't seem to be involving themselves in any spat, Gauhar looks to require a stand on virtually everything. "She thinks she is on the correct path however some folks would possibly simply flip against her. Tanisha, i feel is that the fairest however she won't be able to take the scheming and plotting that goes on", says Vindhu. "Armaan could be a dangerous guy. he's a shivery guy in reality too, he would possibly simply beat somebody up if they are available in his way", says Vindhu. however Dolly thinks he's attempting to try to to his best. "He needs additional food and is fighting for it". "Hell has terribly robust folks and Heaven gossips slightly too much", says Dolly. Bigg Boss Season five winner Juhi Parmar thinks Apoorva and Shilpa ar the foremost worthy. "I am biased towards Apoorva and Shilpa. Not as a result of|simply because} they're my friends however additionally because they're sensible on the show. they're terribly friendly folks, fun to be with and extremely helpful", says Juhi. 

Most of the past contestants suppose the Heaven vs Hell thought could be a winner in itself; it's attention-grabbing and dramatic. however World Health Organization entertains the foremost within the current state of affairs is unquestionably aiming to be fun to watch!
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